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Another Mortgage Lender Introduces New 90% LTV Product

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Recent weeks have seen a flurry of mortgage lenders announce new or extended 90% LTV products. Virgin Money and Metro Bank both revealed tempting and affordable new mortgages, and now The Nottingham building society is doing the same

The Nottingham’s new product is a 90% LTV 3-year fix at 3.4%, 

Furthermore, there is an additional new 80% LTV 2-year fix at 1.75% 

In addition, the building society has introduced an 80% LTV 2-year fix at 1.75%. These offerings are available for purchase and remortgage customers and require a minimum loan of £350,000.

An 80% LTV 2-year fix at 1.95% has also been announced and is available for both purchase and remortgage, and an 85% LTV 2-year fix at 2.60%, remortgage only offer. 

Nikki Warren-Dean from The Nottingham said: 

“These products are further examples of our desire to keep widening our product range to ensure we have the most rounded proposition possible.

“Having recently returned to the 90% LTV space and expanded distribution of our popular new five-year fixed remortgage product we have introduced these 2- and 3-year fixed options and now have a competitive deal available for larger loan lending.”

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