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DIY tips to improve your home’s value


Selling your home can be stressful, and it’s only natural you want to get the most from your sale. But spending thousands on a new kitchen doesn’t guarantee you’ll secure a higher sale price.

That said completing the more minor DIY tasks at a low cost can make a big difference in making a good impression on potential buyers.

We previously surveyed UK homeowners to see what factors they thought formed the best first impression to help prioritise how much time to spend on certain jobs around the house.

What’s more, research from 247 Blinds, reveals that nearly three quarters (73%) of Brits feel fulfilled after completing home improvements, meaning picking up the hammer could be good for your state of mind and your wallet.

So now you know which areas of the house buyers prioritise during the viewing process, why not try these helpful DIY hacks to help you maximise their potential without breaking the bank.

A Lick of Paint

From fixtures and skirting boards to walls and ceilings, picking up the paintbrush can really add value throughout your home and brighten up a worn-out room.

Get rid of old brass taps with a splash of black paint to create a monochrome effect in a contemporary bathroom space. Or tidy up interiors with crisp white skirting boards.

Keeping your colours neutral is an easy way to create a blank canvas and provide a fresh, modern look that will have potential buyers ready to move in.

Getting Your Hands Dirty

Gardens are a key feature to any property, and one that will quickly increase value with a few easy hacks.

Selling in the winter months can mean outdoor spaces can lack colour. Bring a touch of brightness to your garden with colourful pots, a freshly painted fence and outdoor lights for those dark afternoon viewings.

Keep everything looking neat and be sure to rake up any leaves and cut your grass before you’re due a viewing. By simply sprucing up your garden, you’re sure to impress a buyer.

DIY Storage 

Creating handy storage spaces is always an advantage, and a perfect way to make your home appear bigger when trying to seal the deal at a good price.

It can be as easy as building shelves above your washing machine and dryer space to create a luxury laundry room for little cost.

By decluttering with handy shelving solutions, you can really get the most out of your space. Take out your tools, get crafty and make your square ft. appear bigger.

Kerb Appeal

First impressions really are everything when buying a house and one buyers are prepared to pay for. Don’t lose out on cash because your kerb appeal could do with a simple update.

Paint your door a fresh, appealing colour and complement with a stylish knocker. Brighten up the walls with blossoming hanging plants and clean out the guttering to impress potential buyers.

Once everything is looking the part, it’ll be love at first sight for your next viewing.

Brighten Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are an important part of any house, and something homebuyers will splash out on to make their lives easier. While having a new suite fitted can be costly, that’s not the only way to create value.

For old wooden floors that need sprucing up, paint them white to create a clean, fresh look certain to instantly brighten up your space.

Allow extra light in and add a traditional yet stylish touch with plantation-style shutters.

Change Your Lighting

Not only does changing up your lighting complement your space and show off your home’s individual features, it’s also a great way to add a homely feel.

Use floor lamps and twinkle lights to create a magical living room buyers can see themselves sat in.

Swap out old lampshades for new light fixtures to update a room and bring a little extra elegance to impress your buyer.

DIY Don’ts

– Unless you are qualified to do so leave all gas and electrical work well alone. Not only can it be tricky but also potentially very dangerous for both you and any potential buyers. Although it seems like a good way to save money, faulty wiring can be one of the biggest factors in the loss of value on a property.

– Don’t shell out for expensive appliances. Buyers will often have their own vision, particularly where the kitchen and bathroom are concerned. A buyer is unlikely to pay over the average for a property so that the seller can recoup their investment in a new bath or cooker.

– Don’t get caught in no man’s land. If you are going to renovate, do it properly. If your property needs work it doesn’t mean you won’t find a buyer, with many preferring to add some personality of their own to a new property sometimes less can be more when securing that sale. What you don’t want is to be stuck with a property that is too far gone for a project house but short of the mark for a buyer to move straight in.

– Price realistically. If a property does need work it could be more beneficial to reflect this in the price and find a buyer rather than invest and not.

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