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Pets and Garages Top Tenant Wishlist


New market research has revealed that garage space is the most in-demand feature for city renters in 2021.

The research, carried out by lettings and estate agent Benham and Reeves, has found that while 21% of city renters put garage space at the top of their list, it’s rarely because they need somewhere to keep a car,

“With winter well and truly here and the third period of lockdown restrictions in full swing,” says Marc von Grundherr, Director of Benham and Reeves, “this additional (indoor) space enables tenants to carry on with their home workouts, or other hobbies acquired during the pandemic without the need to brave the cold temperatures and longer nights.”

Garden space is a constant on tenant wishlists and continues to rank highly with 18% of renters citing it as their main priority. 

Interestingly, tenants in different cities appear to have different priorities.

In Bristol, Plymouth, Southampton, Leicester, Swansea, Oxford, and Bournemouth, pet-friendly homes are the main priority. In Edinburgh and Aberdeen, a concierge tops the list, while in Belfast tenants are desperate for furnished properties. 

Across London, concierges, gardens, and garages rank highly, as do balconies. Clearly, London tenants have reasonable expectations for the amount of outdoor space they can afford.

While the appearance of most of these features could have been predicted, the rising demand for garage space shows how tenants, just like homeowners, are reacting to Covid-19 and looking for homes which suit our new lifestyles. 

As and when we leave Covid-19 behind, it’ll be interesting to see if these new priorities and lifestyles remain in place.

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