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I Deeply Regret Buying My New-Build Home. Is There Anything I Can Do?

i regret buying my new-build home

New-build properties can make fantastic homes. Because they’re brand new, they offer the chance to move into an immaculate home built to the highest standards, using the best of modern materials. 

They also provide an escape from all of the various (and often expensive) issues common with older homes. And because you can often personalise the finishing touches, such as wall colours and kitchen fittings, new-builds remove all of the additional renovation or decoration costs other homes will require. 

Sometimes, however, things go wrong: new-build homes can, on occasion, fall well below the standard you were expecting or were promised, riddled with errors caused by sloppy attention to detail and poor craftsmanship on behalf of the developer. 

In industry jargon, any such issues found in a new-build home are called ‘snags’. 

Snags turn dream homes into waking nightmares

Due to the fact that new-build homes are, for the time being, constructed by human beings, a small number of flaws or mistakes, aka snags, should be expected, pobody is nerfect, as they say.  Because of this, most developers will ensure that a snagging inspection is completed before you move in. 

A snagging inspection sees a trained professional search your new-build home from top to bottom, making a note of any issues they find. This report is then delivered to the developer who is required to fix the snags before you move in. 

The problem is, not all developers make it known that a snagging inspection is possible. Even if they do, not all snagging inspectors are born equal – some are better and more thorough than others. 

This means that, even if you complete a snagging inspection that comes back clean, you can move into the home and still find a whole host of problems which should have been addressed. 

If these snags start piling up, your dream home can become a nightmare and you might even end up regretting the choice to buy the property. But don’t worry! It’s still not too late to get a top quality snagging inspection completed.

150 snags and two years to fix them

New-build homes come with a two-year warranty from the moment you move in. You can commission a snagging inspection at any point during this period and the builder/developer will be legally obliged to put right any wrongs free of charge. 

There are companies on the market who use cutting-edge technology to complete the most comprehensive snagging inspections the market has ever seen. At the forefront of this movement is Housescan, a company which claims to provide the best snagging inspections in the world because the technology they use enables them to identify snags which are “out of sight” for other inspection firms. The typical Housescan inspection finds 150 snags.

While it’s always best to appoint a company like Housescan before you move into your new-build home, you can also commission an inspection at any point within your two-year warranty period. 

And once the Housescan inspection has been submitted and the developer has addressed all of the issues, you should also commission a de-snagging inspection to ensure the problems have all been rectified appropriately. 

So, if you’ve bought a new-build home and the snags are causing you to regret your purchase, you should act quickly to get a high-quality snagging inspection completed and fed back to your developer who is legally obliged to address all problems.

Before you know it, you’ll be in love with your new home all over again.


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