Boris: ‘It may become necessary to pause all home moves’

Just when we thought the housing market was safe from lockdown measures, the government has warned that it ‘may have to do more’ if...

Homebuyer Survey Reveals SDLT Holiday Is NOT Driving The Majority of Recent Market Activity

“Those who are feigning hysterics that everything in their pipeline will fall-through on April 1st are being swept along by media hyperbole,” says Russell...

UK Government Looks To Silence Flat Owners With Unsafe Cladding

We have previously reported about the struggles currently facing flat owners due to the new rules, restrictions, and guidelines concerning external cladding. Since the...
london house prices

So-Called London Exodus Is Already Being Reversed As Buyers Return To The Capital

During the first national lockdown in Spring/Summer 2020, interest in London homes dropped significantly as buyers seemed to be fleeing the capital. Today, demand...
should i wait to sell?

Should I Wait Until Covid Is Gone Before I Sell My Home?

Despite a third national lockdown, the UK government has stated that the property industry, including the housing market, can remain up and running. This...
lockdown housing market

Housing Market To Stay Open During 3rd National Lockdown

The UK government has announced that the housing market will remain open, despite the country being forced into another full lockdown which could last...
lockdown housing market

Will I Still Be Able To Move Home If The UK Goes Into Another...

Closing the housing market “will kill any flicker of economic recovery just as the population begins to feel the pharmaceuticals coursing through their veins”,...

Londoner’s Pay £27.6bn To Escape The Smoke But The Capital Still Tops The Charts

In 2020, London leavers bought £27.6 billion worth of property outside the capital in an attempt to escape the Big Smoke in this era...
rightmove price index

House Prices Will Rise 4% in 2021

Rightmove’s last house price index of 2020 forecasts a 4% price rise in 2021 despite the new year bringing significant levels of political and...
house prices rise

House Prices See Fastest Growth Since 2004

House prices are rising at a pace that the UK hasn’t seen since 2004. In the month of November, prices increased by roughly £3,000. According...
homebuying delays

5 Reasons Why The Homebuying Process Is Taking So Long

The recent boom in the housing market has been widely reported and the catalyst is most often cited as the government’s stamp duty holiday...
house prices 2021

Will House Prices Be Higher Or Lower In 12 Months Time?

We recently reported that the average UK house price has reached more than £250,000 for the first time in history. So, with homes now...
shared ownership liability

BBC Panorama exposes the hidden risk of Shared Ownership

An investigation by BBC Panorama, broadcast on 25th November and available on iPlayer, has found that the UK government’s Shared Ownership scheme “has left...
government cladding fire safety

Dangerous No More? Government Relaxes Cladding Rules To Help More People Sell Their Flats

As we reported a few weeks ago, people who own flats in high rise tower blocks have been experiencing great difficulty when trying to...
should i spend money on my home before selling?

Should I Spend Money On My Home Before Selling?

If you’re lucky, your home will have increased in value since you bought it. In certain markets, such as London, this is almost a...
covid-19 estate agent safety

Covid-19 Checklist: Is Your Agent Being Safe?

Despite the second national lockdown, the property industry remains open for business. So, if you’re in the process of selling your home or looking...
sell home quickly

How Do I Sell My Home Quickly Before The Stamp Duty Holiday Ends?

With the Stamp Duty holiday scheduled to end in March 2020, time is quickly running out to take advantage of the substantial discount when...
right to buy nans council house

Right To Buy: Can I Buy My Nan’s Council House?

Right To Buy makes it possible for public sector tenants to purchase their home at a significant discount to market value.  The discount is based...
shared ownership

What Is Shared Ownership And Do I Qualify?

Shared Ownership is an initiative designed to help buyers who cannot afford to buy a home in the open market. The idea is that...
lockdown housing market

Housing Market Will Stay Open During 2nd Lockdown Says UK Government

The government has announced that the UK housing market will remain open for business despite the second wave of nationwide lockdown due to commence...
Help To Buy

Help To Buy: How Does It Work?

Help To Buy is a government initiative which aims to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder with as little as a 5%...
covid-19 stamp duty

Stamp Duty During Covid-19: How Much Is It?

Stamp Duty is a land tax which must be paid when you buy a property over a certain value. The amount of tax you must...
unsafe cladding flat

My Flat Has Unchecked Cladding. Is My Property Worthless?

Editor's Note: Since the original publication of this article, the UK government has announced a slight change in the cladding fire safety rules. Get...
95% mortgages

PM Announces Government-Backed 95% Mortgage Scheme To Get More Young People On The Ladder

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative government have announced a plan to introduce a new scheme which will enable first-time buyers to gain...

Latest: Today’s Rightmove Data Shows Property Market ‘Exploding’

Rightmove today published its August house price index and it makes for quite incredible reading. Why incredible? Because since the beginning of the Covid pandemic...

London leads the way for estate agency job opportunities

Leading property recruitment specialist, Rayner Personnel, has taken a look at which city currently offers the best chance of getting back on the horse for estate agency professionals made redundant during the current pandemic.

Awake The Sleeping Dragon. But Slowly

Mark Drakeford the Welsh First Minister has announced that the housing market will be allowed to re-open in Wales from today, following slowly from...

Tips on pandemic pet rentals for landlords and tenants

Traversing the rental market at present is a tricky business and it can be even trickier if you have a furry friend with you, or any other pet for that matter. 

Free rental helpline launches as cost of renting increase by 94% for some furloughed...

Rental deposit replacement scheme, Ome, has brought forward the launch of their free to use Rental Wellbeing Helpline this week, as the company’s latest research highlights the sharp increase in the cost of renting for many UK tenants who now find themselves on furlough due to the spread of the Coronavirus. 

More Mortgage Products Now Available

'Lenders just aren't lending at the moment' is a sentence that you may have heard uttered by barrack-room property experts. Except it isn't true...

Investigation: London’s Affordable Housing Supply. Do The Numbers Add Up?

London’s City Hall have just released their latest house building statistics for the 2019- 2020 financial year and Mayor Sadiq Khan swiftly grabbed the...

Estate Agencies Unlocked

The Mail on Sunday reports today that Housing Minister Christopher Pincher MP will this week collaborate with the estate agency industry on means to...

TV Licence costs considered, the UK is still one of the most affordable places...

The planned increase in TV licence fees has caused uproar across the nation and with many of us now no longer tuning in to live TV, there have been calls to scrap it completely, which has already been done across a number of other nations. 

Property market Mansion Tax – Who are you and what have you done with...

It would seem as though Boris Johnson & Co have done a complete U-turn where their stance on a tax on the high-end property...

Are we no longer a country of animal lovers?

Government rental changes are causing pets to be put down, are we no longer a country of animal lovers? At the start of the year,...

Leap year house price boost could be on the cards for 2020’s homebuyers

House price performance data from previous leap years could indicate a market recovering from a prolonged period of Brexit uncertainty.  We’ve probed the annual UK...

Housebuilders delivered enough homes to exceed population growth in the last year

Between 2018 and 2019, 203,900 new dwellings were completed across the UK. With the average property home to 2.4 people, that’s enough housing for...

First Home scheme could cost British housebuilders £2bn a year

The latest Government initiative, the First Home Scheme, could cost British housebuilders £2bn a year.  On the 7th of February 2020, the Government announced plans...

How is the pandemic impacting sellers and agents? 

Real-Time COVID-19 Market Movement Dashboard: How is the pandemic impacting sellers and agents?  Estate agent comparison site,, has released its live dashboard detailing how...

Cash buyers quids in vs mortgage counterparts due to Brexit uncertainty

The latest research by estate agent comparison site,, has found that cash is still king when it comes to securing the best price...

Covid 19 and its impact on property

Home sellers and buyers remain undeterred from their transactions by the growing outbreak of the Coronavirus.  83% of home buyers and sellers undeterred by COVID-19 Our...

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