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UK Castles And Mansions You Can Live In

castles you can live in

Have you ever dreamt of living in a castle, or a salubrious mansion complete with Juliette balconies and swimming pools? We all have, right? Well, for a small number of people, this dream is a reality. And for an even smaller number of people, owning a castle or mansion is so, well, ordinary that they’ve decided to sell it! As a result, you, yes you, could actually live in a genuine castle! All you need is a vision, a dream, and a few million pounds.

10 bed, 10 bath, £75 million mansion on Avenue Road, St John’s Wood, London, NW8

In one of London’s most sought after spots, this outrageous mansion is heading to auction complete with a 14m swimming pool, spa, and billiards room. With a grand piano in the living room and more marble than anyone really needs, this is a mansion for rock stars or tech billionaires looking to enjoy the hedonistic side of life. You know you’re doing well for yourself when your bath tub sits in the middle of the bathroom instead of being tucked away to one side. 

Neoclassical Castle near Edinburgh, once lived in by Mary Queen of Scots, £8 million

castles you can live in
From Savills

For the blisteringly reasonable price of £8 million, you can sleep where the Royals once slept, but only if you can work out which of the 13 bedrooms Mary Queen of Scotts used to grab her kip in.

This incredible castle was built in 1789 and the exterior continues to reflect this historic, romantic backstory. Inside, however, it’s half stately home, half modern urban living. Yes, there’s a vast wine cellar, but there’s also a beautiful modern kitchen complete with breakfast bar. There’s a four-poster bed in every room and some of the most spectacular al fresco dining spots you’ve ever seen.

This castle would make a wonderful family home, but only if you can shake that feeling of crashing in a National Trust house after hours, when everyone else has gone home.

Highgate mansion ideal for Bond villains and retired footballers, price on application

From Sotheby’s

From the historic architecture of castles, we arrive at this. It looks like a space station, or a modern art gallery, all curves, swoops and enormous windows set against two acres of land in one of London’s most prestigious residential areas. There’s the obligatory massive swimming pool (indoors), the standard billiards room, and stunning panoramic views of Hampstead Heath. There are 10 generous bedrooms but, and I’m embarrassed to even have to write this, only seven bathrooms. If it’s important for 8 people to be able to use the loo at the same time in your home, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Coastal chateaux on the Isle of Man, ‘extensive garaging’ for no less than £30 million

What do you call a property which is half castle, half mansion? That’s right, it’s a chateaux, a home so romantic that only the French could possibly name it. This chateaux sits delicately on the coast of the Isle of Man, has a cannon sitting in the driveway and a 360-degree roof terrace. There’s also 280 acres of land to be bought with the home and, because rich people like to have lots of cars, ‘extensive garaging’, which I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know.  

The hotel-esq atrium has fireplaces and handsome columns and the grandest of staircases is available for use when the glass elevator which runs up and down the middle of the house isn’t working.

Castle ruins near Fife, yours for just £225,000

It’s back up to Scotland for the last one, and this one can be yours for less than a one-bed London flat. The only catch is, for nearly quarter of a million pounds, you’re not getting much more than a plot of land.

To be fair, it’s a remarkable piece of land with gorgeous sea views and sprawling green hills. The ruins of Piteadie Castle, built in the late 15th Century sit in one corner of the land while a fruit orchard and paddock sit in another. 

The site has great planning potential and with enough money, someone could be an idyllic and private family home.


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