Home Selling Seller Ready: Hacks To Make Your Home Irresistible To Buyers

Seller Ready: Hacks To Make Your Home Irresistible To Buyers

Make your home irresistible to buyers

When trying to sell your home, it’s essential that you take the time to make it as attractive to potential buyers as you possibly can, especially if you live in a market where lots of homes are available at any one time.

Your home can’t be expected to sell itself, but there are a number of simple and effective steps you can take to make it irresistible or, at the very least, turn ‘maybe buyers’ into ‘definitely buyers’.

Deep Clean

For the vast majority of people, dirt and grime are a turn off, so you need to make sure your home is clean for any viewers. Sounds obvious, but we’re not talking about a casual clean while the kettle boils, we’re talking about a deep clean with rubber gloves and sweat on your brow, paying special attention to bathrooms and the kitchen. People need to be able to imagine enjoying life in your home, not foresee themselves de-greasing the hob and dusting the skirting boards. 


Once your home is clean, it’s time to declutter it. The less ‘stuff’ you have in each room, the bigger and more spacious it will feel. This is especially true if you have kids; as lovely as they are, children tend to leave a trail of chaos and clutter wherever they go. 

A quick word of warning: don’t declutter too much because your home might start to feel cold and sparse which can be equally off putting for potential buyers. It’s all about setting a scene.

Play to the senses

Lighting is vital to making a space feel welcoming and comfortable. For those rooms which benefit from large windows and great natural light, make the most of it. Pull back the curtains and make sure no large pieces of furniture are blocking the sun from entering. 

It’s worth bearing in mind the time of day that people will be viewing – which rooms will the sun be filling, and which will you need to improve with some tasteful, warm lighting? 

And don’t forget the nose! Our sense of smell plays a big role in our enjoyment of a space. If you have pets,  you might be immune to their smells but others are not. Get the air freshener out, light some scented candles, and move the dog bed or hamster cage into the garden before viewers arrive.

Touch-ups, cupboards, and switches

Go around your home and make sure there aren’t any rooms in which the walls are looking dull or tatty. If you find a dodgy spot, get a pot of paint and touch it up. 

In the kitchen, if any cupboard doors or drawers are loose and don’t close properly, grab the screwdriver and fix them (if it’s not in the toolbox where it should be, it’s probably in the miscellaneous junk drawer in the kitchen). 

Finally, make sure all light switches and power sockets are working. You’ll be amazed how many viewers will come in a flick every switch they see, just to check. We strongly recommend hiring a qualified electrician to come round ensure all is in working order. 

Also, without going into the nitty-gritty specifics, make sure the plumbing works! 

What viewing hacks did you use to help sell your home? Let us know below.


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